Recent Events

2019 Gospel Meeting with David Looney

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2018 Fall Lecture Series

“Wisdom of the Ages”

2018 Ladies Day with Sheila Butt

“Sisters, Servants, and Soldiers …in Christ”

2018 Gospel Meeting with Wade Webster

“Tell Us Plainly”

2017 Fall Lecture Series

“Into All the World”

2017 Gospel Meeting with Paul Sain  

“Accepting the Evidence”

2016 Fall Lecture Series

“He Leadeth Me”

2016 Gospel Meeting with Glenn Colley

“God Loves You… & So Do I”

2015 Fall Lectureship

“To God Be the Glory”

2015 Gospel Meeting with Jim Dearman

“God’s Family”

2014 Fall Lectureship

“Walls of Separation”

2014 Seminar with Allen Webster

“Building Up the Local Church”

2014 Gospel Meeting with Eric Owens

“Getting to Know God”