4700 General DeGaulle Drive New Orleans, LA 70131 PHONE: 504.392.4110

Lectureship 2011

Recent Sermons


Be of Good Cheer, for I Believe God (David Jones)

Be of Good Cheer in Answering for Yourself (Bruce Hatcher)

Be of Good Cheer in Your Marriage (Eric Dishongh)

Be of Good Cheer in Your Mercy (James Eaves)

Be of Good Cheer: “It Is I; Be Not Afraid” (Mark Lance)

Be of Good Cheer: “Thy Sins Be Forgiven Thee” (Preston Olive) (N/A)

Be of Good Cheer: “I Have Overcome the World” (Wes Arabie)

Be of Good Cheer: There Is More Work to Do (Scott Cain)

Be of Good Cheer in Your Countenance (Billy Bland)

Be of Good Cheer in Your Giving (Billy Bland)

Be of Good Cheer: Salvation Is Come (Billy Bland)

Hours & Info

Bible Class: 9 AM
Worship at 10 AM & 6PM
Bible Class at 7PM
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