4700 General DeGaulle Drive New Orleans, LA 70131 PHONE: 504.392.4110

Lectureship 2013

Recent Sermons


God, Giver of Grace from Eden to Eternity – Scott Cain   

Noah: Finding Grace in the Eyes of God – Mark Lance

Jacob: Seeking the Grace of a Brother – David Jones   

Levi & Simeon: When Grace Is Not Gracious – James Eaves

Joseph: Finding Grace with Men by Serving God – Morne Stephanus   

Moses: Pleading for God’s Grace – Bruce Hatcher

Melodies of Grace: God’s Grace in the Psalms – Wayne Rodgers   

The Wisdom of Grace: God’s Grace in Proverbs – RL Clark

Promises of Grace: God’s Grace in the Prophets – Glenn Beall

“The Grace of God that Bringeth Salvation” – Curry Montague

Philippi: Generous by the Grace of God – Curry Montague     

Paul: “By the Grace of God I Am What I Am” – Scott Cain    

Hours & Info

Bible Class: 9 AM
Worship at 10 AM & 6PM
Bible Class at 7PM
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