Lectureship 2017

The Scope of the Great Commission -Scott Cain

Into the Local World:  “They Ceased Not to Preach and to Teach Jesus” -Wes Arabie

Into the Surrounding World:  “The… Went Every Where Preaching the Word” -David Jones

Into All the World:  “Come Over… and Help Us” -Jason Hilburn

Into All the World:  “I Declare Unto You the Gospel” -Scott Cain

The Missionary:  Preparing to Go -Billy Bland

The Missionary:  Going Into the Modern World -Rod Rutherford

The Missionary:  When the Going Gets Tough -Billy Bland

The Missionary:  Will Our Work Abide? -Scott Cain

The Missionary:  Christ’s Gospel in Man’s Culture -Rod Rutherford

The World Without the Gospel -Billy Bland

Where World Evangelism Begins -Rod Rutherford