Sermon Archive 2020

January 5

AM: Exercises to Avoid

PM: The Way of Cain

January 12

AM: The Joy of Positive Living -Wes Arabie

PM: Audio Unavailable

January 19

AM: The Great Invitation

PM: A Lot to Remember

January 26

AM: Is God My God?

PM: Reading: Luke 13 & 14

February 02

AM: Satan’s Formula for Forgiveness -Wes Arabie

PM: Why Rivers are Crooked -Wes Arabie

February 09

AM: Don’t Be a Judas

PM: Doing the Math in Egypt

February 16

AM: When the Seed Hits Your Hearts

PM: Harden Not Your Hearts

February 23

AM: Who is the Lord?

PM: The Manna Project -Gage Coldwater

March 2

AM: What Will You Do With Jesus?

PM: God’s Law Makes Good Sense

March 8

AM: Is The Good News Too Good?

PM: Focused On God’s Gift To Men

March 15

AM: Are You Contagious?

PM: Examples of Commitments

March 22

AM: Is it Lawful to be Healthy on the Lord’s Day? (Video Link)

March 29

AM: Yearning for Atonement (Video Link)

April 5

AM: Are You Really Ready? (Video Link)

April 12

AM: He is Risen (Video Link)