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January 3

AM: The Apostle Thomas: What We Miss When We Miss

PM: Take Diligent Heed: Joshua 22:5 (Part 1) – Wes Arabie

January 10

AM: Falling in Love with Jesus

PM: The Disciples’ Fuss

January 17

AM: Christian Joy

PM: Love One Another: The Instruction of Christ (N/A)

January 24

AM: Practical Advice for the Saints: Stay Focused (Part 1)

PM: Practical Advice for the Saints: Stay Focused (Part 2)

January 31

AM: Love One Another: The Description of a Christian

PM: Devotional: Singing (N/A)

February 7

AM: Love Lessons from an Old Farmer

PM: Love Lessons from a Young Widow

February 14

AM: Le Mystere (The Mystery): Charles White

PM: Devotional: Mission Report (N/A)

February 21

AM: Love One Another: The Prescription for the Church

PM: Take Diligent Heed: Joshua 22:5 (Part 2) – Wes Arabie

February 2

AM: Jesus’ First Miracle

PM: Devotional: Bible Readings (N/A)

March 7

AM: Who Can Save Us?

PM: What Did God Get When He Got Me?

March 14

AM: Am I Budgeted?

PM: “Here Am I; Send Me”

March 21

AM: Fatherless, Widows, and Strangers – Jim Wright

PM: Whose Fault Is It? – Wes Arabie

March 28

AM: More Than “Just” A Christian: I Corinthians 12

PM: Devotional: Bible Readings (N/A)

April 4

AM: Seek Ye First: Matthew 6:33

PM: The Strait and Narrow – Wes Arabie

April 11

AM: Guest Speaker: Kermit Webb (N/A)

PM: Sir, We Would See Jesus

April 18-22 GOSPEL MEETING: Let’s Get Acquainted

Let’s Get Acquainted with God the Father

Let’s Get Acquainted with God the Son https://degaulledrivecoc.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/07/letsgetacquaintedwithgodtheson.mp3

Let’s Get Acquainted with God the Spirit

Let’s Get Acquainted with God’s Enemy

Let’s Get Acquainted with God’s Plan 

Let’s Get Acquainted with God’s Family

Let’s Get Acquainted with God’s Reward

April 25

AM: The Woman at the Well

PM: Devotional: Bible Readings (N/A)

May 2

AM: The Importance of One Thing

PM: Do You Speak Christian?

May 9

AM: Mothers We Overlook

PM: Women’s Roles in the Church

May 16

AM: Worship: The Lord’s Supper – A Solemn Occasion

PM: Growth Through Tribulation – Wes Arabie

May 23

AM: Worship: Prayer – Lifting UpHoly Hands

PM: Devotional: Bible Readings (N/A)

May 30

AM: Worship:Giving – God Gives Us The Opportunity

Area Wide Fellowship:

Let’s Work Together (1/2)

Let’s Work Together (2/2)

PM: Devotional:Fifth Sunday Singing(N/A)

June 6

AM: Worship: Music in Worship – Does It Really Matter?

PM: Standing for theWord – Wes Arabie

June 13

AM: Proverbs 4 – Questions for the Future

PM: Worship: The Preaching of the Word

June 20

AM: A Father’s Love – Part 1

PM: A Father’s Love – Part 2

June 27

AM: Who Will Follow Jesus?

PM: Devotional: Bible Readings (N/A)

July 4

AM: Proclaim Liberty – Part 1

PM: Proclaim Liberty – Part 2

July 11

AM: What Is Scriptural Baptism?

PM: Dealing with Feeling- Dick Grantham

July 18

AM: What the Prodigal Son Did Not Say (N/A)

PM: The Danger of Anger

July 25

AM: How to Spot a Wolf

PM: Devotional: Bible Readings (N/A)

August 1

AM: King Saul, Pride – Dick Grantham

PM: Jesus, Remember Me – Roland Keith

August 8

AM: Our Attitude Toward God’s Word- Jeff Brauer

PM: When You Are Converted – Patrick Swayne

August 15

AM: Faith and Diligence – Paul Macaluso

PM: Spiritual Blockades on the Road to Hell – Charles Brooker

August 22

AM: We Can Win Over Temptation – Dick Grantham

PM: Devotional: Bible Readings (N/A)

August 29

AM: Mission Report from Fiji – Scott Cain

PM: Devotional: Why Christians Are Not Sinners

September 5

AM: Making Plans

PM: Am I Spiritual?

September 12

AM: Am I Sincere? (Attendance Emphasis)

PM: The Death of Moses

September 19

AM: Am I Sanctified? (Attendance Emphasis)

PM: God Is On My Side – Wes Arabie

September 26

AM: Am I Steadfast? (Attendance Emphasis)

PM: Devotional: Bible Readings (N/A)

October 3

AM: Are You A Steward?

PM: Judge Not?

October 10

AM: Rescue the Perishing- Wes Arabie

PM: How to Please God- Wes Arabie

October 17

AM: Using God’s Money

PM: What’s the Matter with Scruples?

October 24

AM: The Value of a Soul

PM: Devotional: Bible Readings (N/A)

October 27-31 FALL LECTURESHIP: “Committed to Giving”

“Committed to Giving My Heart & Soul to God” David Jones

“Committed to Giving My Time & Energy to God” Wes Arabie

“Committed to Giving My Answer for God”Roger Scully

“Committed to Giving My Gratitude to God” James Eaves

“Committed to Gving My Cares to God” Mark Lance

“Committed to Giving Up Sin for God” Eric Dishongh

“Committed to Giving Back to God” Bobby Liddell

“Committed to Giving an Account to God” Joseph Alexander

November 7

AM: Turn on Your Living – Wes Arabie

PM: The Pursuit of God – Dick Grantham

November 14

AM: The Bible Tells Me So (I Corinthians 2:9-13)

PM: Why Hast Thou Forsaken Me?

November 21

AM: Attitudes in the Stands That We Need in the Pews

PM: Preacher Training and the Great Commission – Bobby Liddell

November 28

AM: A Godless Religion Part 1: The Threat of Humanism

PM: Devotional: Bible Readings (N/A)

December 5

AM: A Godless Religion Part 2: The Tenets of Humanism

PM: Come Right In: A Study of Hospitality

December 12

AM: A Godless Religion Part 3: The Targets of Humanism

PM: John Mark, A Man Who Bounced Back – Wes Arabie

December 19

AM: The Birth of Jesus Christ: Fact or Fiction

PM: Can God Use Me?

December 26

AM: Take A Look At Yourself

PM: Devotional: Bible Readings (N/A)



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