Sermon Archives 2015

January 4

AM: Happy Re-New Year 

 PM: The Hardest Person to Forgive 

January 11

AM: Don’t Quit: Overcoming Tests of Faith – Part 1 

PM: Things Lost in God’s House    

January 18

AM: Don’t Quit: Overcoming Tests of Faith – Part 2 

PM: Abraham’s Surrender – Part 2 -Wes Arabie 

January 25

AM: Repentance: The Call for a Change 

PM: Devo: Bible Readings (N/A)  

February 1

AM: Why Did Jesus Have to Die? 

PM: Bible Questions: Living Wills & the Definition of Murder    

February 8

AM: Learning to Love 

PM: Sermons from Songs: It Is Well with My Soul   

February 15

AM: Accounting for the Details   

PM: Set Your Goal to Sin Not -Part 1 (Wes Arabie)  

February 22

AM: Man’s Role in the Judgment     

PM: Devo: Bible Readings (N/A)   

March 1

AM: A Voice from Heaven (N/A)

PM: Judah: The Lion Heart of Leadership 


March 8

AM: Who Is Spiritual? (Part 1)

PM: Who Is Spiritual? (Part 2)


March 15

AM: Sermons from Songs: Hallelujah! What a Savior! 

PM: Set Your Goal to Sin Not – Part 2 (Wes Arabie)


March 22

AM: Going Overboard Is Not Enough 


PM: Devo: Bible Readings (N/A)

March 29

AM: Sermons from Song: My Eyes Are Dry 

PM: Devo: 5th Sunday Singing (N/A)

April 5

AM: Sermons from Songs: God’s Family 

PM: My Responsibilities as a Genuine Christian (Wes Arabie)   


April 12

AM: Seeing through God’s Eyes

PM: Bible Questions: What Is Faithfulness? 

April 19: Gospel Meeting with Jim Dearman – “The Family of God”

The Perfect Picture of the Kingdom in Parables  

Family (Part 1)  

Family (Part 2)    

God’s Universal Household  

Making Marriage Complete (Part 1)      

Making Marriage Complete (Part 2)       

Will Your Children Go Home?  

April 26

AM: Calling on the Name of the Lord    

PM: When God’s Servants Leave This World  

May 3

AM: Who’s Gonna Fill Their Shoes     

PM: Praise for the Lord 

May 10

AM: Jochebed: The Hand that Rocks the Cradle       

PM: John Mark: The Man Who Bounced Back (Wes Arabie)   

May 17

AM: More Than a Feeling

PM: Moses: The Reluctant Heart of Leadership   

May 24

AM: Does God Care About My Pet Sin?     

PM: Devo: Bible Readings (N/A)   

May 31

AM: The Need to Light the Fire (Mike Glenn)

PM: Devo: 5th Sunday Singing (N/A)   

June 7

AM: Are We There Yet?     

PM: Alcohol: Swallowing Lies     

June 14

AM: Mephibosheth: What Right Have I to Cry?      

PM: Nehemiah: Preparing for the Work (Wes Arabie)     

June 21

AM: Moses: The Family Man of God

PM: Sermons from Songs: Just As I Am  

June 28

AM: Putting Legs on Our Prayers

PM: Devo: Bible Readings (N/A)    

July 5

AM: In God We Still Trust

PM: Sermons from Songs: There Is Power in the Blood     

July 12

AM: God’s Used Tools (Romans 9)

PM: The Lord Is My Shepherd (Psalm 23)    

July 19

AM: The Greatest Gift (Wes Arabie)

PM: Satan’s Strategy (Wes Arabie)

July 26

AM: The Hope That Is Within Us (Roland Keith)

PM: Devo: Bible Readings (N/A)

August 2

AM: Lord, My Eyes Are on Your Prize

PM: Lord, Keep an Eye on Me

August 9

AM: Forgiving without Grudging

PM: Bible Questions: Do I Forgive Those Who Refuse to Repent?

August 16

AM: Is It Time to Clean House?

PM: Selfish Procrastination (Wes Arabie) 

August 23

AM: Be Strong & of a Good Courage: Confidence in Leadership

PM: Devo: Bible Readings (N/A)

August 30

AM: Flooding a City

PM: Devo: 5th Sunday Singing    

September 6

AM: Isaiah: Coming Together & Coming to God

PM: Appreciating God’s Word      

September 13

AM: Isaiah: Is Something in Your Way (Part 1)

PM: Isaiah: Is Something in Your Way (Part 2)

September 20

AM: A Heart to Know God

PM: Sermons from Songs: Our God, He Is Alive  

September 27

AM: “They The Handled the Law Knew Me Not” – Wes Arabie

PM: Bible Readings: N/A 

October 4

AM: The Stewardship of the Gospel – Wes Arabie

PM: Giving (Part 1) – Wes Arabie

October 11

AM: Joint Worship Service with New Orleans & Padova, Italy

PM: Giving (Part 2) – Wes Arabie

October 18

AM: If You Beheld the Glory of God, Would You Go to the Lost?

PM: If You Beheld the Glory of God, Would It Show in Your Life?

October 21-25: FALL LECTURESHIP: “To God Be the Glory”  

To God Be the Glory: Giving the Glory to God   

Bruce Hatcher

“Father, Glorify Thy Name”: How God the Son Glorified the Father

Eddie Payne

Coming Short of the Glory of God     

Mike Benson  

Raised Up By the Glory of God   

Scott Cain 

When God’s Glory Filled God’s House      

Wayne Rodgers

The Glory Is Departed”: When God’s Glory Left God’s House

David Jones

The Glory of God: Accept No Substitutes    

Wes Arabie

Dwelling Where God’s Glory Is

Scott Cain

Working, To the Glory of God

BJ Clarke

Giving, To the Glory of God

BJ Clarke

I’ll Live in Glory By & By 

BJ Clarke  

November 1

AM: God Forbid That I Should Glory

PM: Coming Down from the Mountain of Glory   

November 8

AM: A Place for God’s People

PM: Sermons from Songs: I Am Praying for You  

November 15

AM: Life’s Most Important Question

PM: Mission Report on Budapest/Padova (N/A)   

November 22

AM: Psalm 100: Thanksgiving – Wes Arabie

PM: Bible Readings (N/A)

November 29

AM: When Faith Needs Help (Part 1)

PM: When Faith Needs Help (Part 2)       

December 6


PM: “Ye Shall Never Fall”     

December 13

AM: Overcoming Negativity – Don Blackwell

PM: When You’re Down – Wes Arabie

December 20

AM: The Church that Talks WITH God (Part 1)

PM: The Church that Talks WITH God (Part 2)  

December 27

AM: Growing Together in 2016

PM: Bible Readings (N/A)