Sermon Archives 2017

 January 1

AM: A Good Start


PM: Happy Re-New Year



January 8

AM: In the Time of Genesis

PM: Do You Walk With Jesus? (Wes Arabie)


January 15

AM: Job: Life’s Great Questions Pt. 1

PM: Job: Life’s Great Questions Pt. 2 (Audio Unavailable)


January 22

AM: God & A Man Like Abraham

PM: Readings/Audio Unavailable


January 29

AM: Seeing Jesus in Genesis

PM: Lance Mosher Mission Report/Audio Unavailbale


February 05

AM: Who is Your God?

PM: Paul Had a Secret (Wes Arabie)


February 12

AM: God Still Has a Pattern

PM: Bind Us Together


February 19

An Offering Unto the Lord 

PM:  When Holy People Need Forgiveness


February 26

AM:  The Lord Bless Thee – Numbers 6

PM: Readings/Audio Unavailable


March 05

AM:  Sin: Man’s Biggest Problem 

PM: Leadership: A Job Worth Sharing


March 12

AM: When We Really Love God

PM:  The Aged Christian


March 19

AM: Moses’ Greatest Regret (Audio Unavailable)

PM:  Do You Speak Christian?


March 26

AM: As for Me & My House

PM: Singing (Audio Unavailable)


April 02

AM: Stronger Than Samson

PM: Does God Care What I Wear? 


April 09

AM: Saul’s Bad Move

PM: Are You Swallowing a Lie?


April 16

AM:  Going Beyond What the Bible Has Said – Wes Arabie

PM:  Two Ways – Wes Arabie


April 23

AM:  Affirming the Evidence: Walking the Walk – Paul Sain

PM:  Affirming the Evidence: Surviving Storms in a Chaotic World – Paul Sain


April 30

AM: God Chose a Good Shepherd

Audio Unavailable

PM: Singing (Audio Unavailable)


May 07

AM:  God’s Family – Wes Arabie 

PM:  Jethro -A Wise Leader – Wes Arabie


May 14

AM:  Mamas, Raise Them Up

PM: Are You Smarter Than A Pew Packer


May 21

AM:  We Need Mighty Men

PM:  Walking in Wisdom


May 28

AM: A Shepherd’s Charge to New Leaders

PM: Bible Readings (Audio Unavailable)


June 04

AM:  The Dedication of God’s House

PM:  Three Dangerous Men – Proverbs 26



June 11 

AM: Part of Something Special  

PM: Up Against the World   


June 18

AM: A Legacy of Compromise

PM: What Can I do to Help the Church?


June 25

AM: How Am I Treating God’s House?

PM: Readings (Audio Unavailable)


July 02

AM: Tell Me What it Takes to Let You Grow

PM: Look at Yourselves and Listen to God


July 09

AM: Approaching God

PM: Mission Report from Tim Wilkes II  (Audio Unavailable)


July 16

AM: Comfort After Correction (Audio Unavailable)

PM: Isaiah’s Songs About Jesus


July 23

AM: Blessed – Wes Arabie

PM:  Readings (Audio Unavailable)


July 30

AM: Everyday Christianity

PM: When God’s Word Gives Tough News


August 06

AM:  Jeremiah -God or God’s Stuff

PM:  How Can a Just God Punish the Wicked?


August 13

AM: Zedekiah – Puppet of Masters

PM: Habakkuk: Lord, How Could You?


August 20

AM: Refusing to Bow Down to the King – Wes Arabie

PM: Does Jesus Care? – Wes Arabie


August 27

AM: Sound the Alarm

PM:  Guest Speaker – Will Brown (Audio Unavailable)


September 03

AM:  We’re Marching to Zion

PM: Is God in the Picture?


September 10

AM:  Come Stand Before God

PM: Humbling Nebuchadnezzar


September 17

AM:  Healthy Church – Wes Arabie

PM: The 144,000 – Wes Arabie


September 24

AM:  Marching to Zion:  When We Arrive

PM: Readings (Audio Unavailable)


October 01

AM:  Preparing for Special Missions Collection

PM: The Warning Before the Silence


October 08

AM:  N/A

PM: When You Pray


October 15

AM:  What the World Really Needs

PM: Joey Treat – Report on Palau (Audio Unavailable)


October 22

AM:  Using God’s Money

PM: The Scope of the Great Commission


October 29

AM:  The World Without the Gospel – Billy Bland

PM:  Where World Evangelism Begins – Rod Rutherford


November 05

AM:  The Big Picture

PM:  He Went to the Cross for the Church


November 12

AM:  Attitudes in the Stands that We Need in the Pews

PM:  Redemption – The Great Redeemer


November 19

AM:  We Thank God for You

PM:  The Importance of Reading and the Urgency of Preaching – Wes Arabie


November 26

AM:  The Dos and Don’ts of Judging

PM:  Readings (Audio Unavailable)


December 03

AM:  The Me I Ought To Be

PM:  We That Are Strong


December 10

AM:  Am I In Christ?

PM: What Else God Hath Joined Together


December 17

AM: Brotherly Love -Wes Arabie

PM: Persistence -Wes Arabie

December 24

AM: Last Words About God’s Word

PM: Readings (Audio Unavailable)

December 31

AM: A Heart Exam

PM: Scriptural Songs