Sermon Archives 2018

January 07

AM: Happy to be Blessed

PM: Don’t Stop

January 14

AM: Times Gone By – Wes Arabie

PM: Is A Christian A Sinner? -Wes Arabie

January 21

AM: So What? -Wes Arabie

PM: When the World Speaks Evil of Your Light

January 28

AM: Are We Sowing the Seed?

PM: Mission Report -Chuuk

February 04

AM: Before the Lord Sent His Laborers

PM: Jesus and the Publicans

February 11

AM: She Loved Much

PM: What Heaven Does Not Say About Heaven

February 18

AM:  Didn’t Mary Have a Cheaper Perfume?

PM: What is a budget? -Wes Arabie

February 25

AM: Jesus’ Final Sermon

PM:  Readings (Audio Unavailable)

March 04

AM: The First Lord’s Day

PM: Stoop and See God

March 11

AM: Growing Pains

PM: Escaping Pollution

March 18

AM: The God They Don’t Know

PM: “Yet Ye Say Wherein” -Wes Arabie

March 25

AM: I Am Not Ashamed

PM: What Are You Doing to Reach the Lost? -Brian Howard WVBS

April 01

AM: Why Did Jesus Have to Die?

PM: Who Do You Think You Are Fooling?

April 08

AM:  When the Lost See this Church

PM: Who is Spiritual?

April 15

AM: Because He Lives

PM: Just Because I Can

April 22

AM: Speaking Plainly About the Cross -Wade Webster

PM: Speaking Plainly About Trials -Wade Webster

April 29

AM:  Galatians: What Happened to Your Faith?

PM: Philippians -Wes Arabie

May 06

AM: We Still Need Jesus Pt. 1

PM: We Still Need Jesus Pt. 2

May 13

AM: A Mama Like Paul Pt. 1

PM: A Mama Like Paul Pt. 2

 May 20

AM: Deacons: A Special Kind of Servant Pt. 1

PM: Deacons: A Special Kind of Servant Pt. 2

May 27

AM: The Aging Christian -Wes Arabie

PM: Readings (Audio Unavailable)

June 03

AM:   Our Reasonable Reltationship to God -Wes Arabie

PM:  What the Bible Has to Say About Wine -Wes Arabie

June 10

AM: Why I Trust God

PM:  Leading Others Before God’s Throne

June 17

AM:  Fathers:  No Greater Joy

PM:  When I Know About Noah

June 24

AM: How Long?

PM: Four Horsemen

July 01

AM:  A Whole New World

PM:  God’s Closing Words

July 08

AM:  So Great Faith

PM:  Offended by Jesus?

July 15

AM:  The Great Commission in Micronesia -Joey Treat

PM:  They Repented Not

July 22

AM:  Deacons -Wes Arabie

PM:  Audio Unavailbale

July 29

AM:  When I Fight Authority

PM:  The Songs We Sing -Devotional

August 5

AM:  The More I Think of Me

PM:  The Devil & Divorce

August 12

AM:  When Faith Falters

PM:  The Doctrine of Christ

August 19

AM: Sin & Salvation -Paul Macaluso

PM:  The Wisdom of Jesus -Roland Keith

August 26

AM: Innocent By Association

PM:  Readings (Audio Unavailable)

September 02

AM:  Oft We Come Together: Faith in Action

PM:  The Great Commission

September 09

AM:  Oft We Come Together: Faith in Attitude

PM:  We Still Need Sermons

September 16

AM:  Good Things Happen When We Study the Bible -Wes Arabie

PM:  Lifting Up Holy Hands -Wes Arabie

September 23

AM:  Oft We Come Together:  Appeal of Fellowship

PM:  Readings (Audio Unavailable)

September 30

AM:  A Strong Church -Wes Arabie

PM:  Singing Night (Audio Unavailable)

October 07

AM: A Debtor and a Servant

PM:  Because I Can Count on God

October 14

AM:  Ebenezer: God is Help -Wes Arabie

PM:  Walking With God -Wes Arabie

October 21

AM:  He Who Winneth Souls

PM:  Seven Things God Hates

October 28

AM:  Wisdom of the Ages:  The Wisdom of Generosity -David Looney

PM:  Wisdom of the Ages:  Righteousness Exalteth a Nation -David Looney

November 04

AM:  The Brand New Man

PM:  Now Abideth These Three

November 11

AM:  Abound More and More

PM:  Epaphroditus:  A Name Worth Having

November 18

AM:  Because He Gives

PM:  Words We Need to Hear

November 25

AM: Philemon:  Brother to Brother to Brother

PM:  Readings (Audio Unavailable)

December 02

AM: The Blame Game

PM: O Jesus, My Captain

December 09

AM:  What Keeps Us Going -Pt. 1

PM:  What Keeps Us Going -Pt. 2

December 16

AM:  Where the Saints Abide (Audio Unavailable)

PM:  Missions Presentation (Audio Unavailable)

December 23

AM:  Retirement -Wes Arabie

PM:  (Audio Unavailbale)

December 30

AM:  As for Me & My House

PM:  Alpha & Omega