Sermon Archives 2019

January 07

PM:  Fishing for Fishermen

January 13

AM:  Built on the Rock

PM:  Starting Late

January 20

AM:  Deafened by Lies

PM:  God’s Scientific Foreknowledge -Wes Arabie

January 27

AM:  Jesus & the Little Children

PM: Readings: Ephesians 5 & 6 (Audio Unavailable)

February 3

AM:  How Jesus Kept From Tripping

PM:  Is God Fair Enough?

February 10

AM:  Sunday Boycott

PM:  Ready for His Return

February 17

AM:  Does Jesus Care?

PM:  From Sea to Briny Sea -Budget

February 24

AM:  Writing Your Eulogy

PM:  Readings:  Philippians 1&2

March 3

AM:  If He Could Count on Them (Audio Unavailable)

PM:  God, Why?

March 10 

AM:  Repentance:  Time to Change

PM:  Why Are You So Different?

March 17 

AM:  Come to Jesus

PM:  Come Closer to Jesus

March 24 

AM: A Life Wasted (Audio Unavailable)

PM:  Readings: Philippians 3 & 4

March 31 

AM:  What a Waste

PM:  Singing & Devotional (Audio Unavailable)

April 7

AM:  Three Ways to Leave this World

PM:  Peter:  Like a Rock

April 14

AM:  Moving Forward -Wes Arabie

PM:  Enemies of Moving Forward -Wes Arabie

April 21

AM: Cross Centered Religion -David Looney

PM: The Identity of the Church -David Looney

April 28

AM:  When Jesus Washed Their Feet

PM:  Readings:  Colossians 1 & 2

May 5

AM:  “Lettuce Spray” & Other Worship Habits

PM:  God is in Control -Wes Arabie

May 12

AM:  The Model Mother & Child

PM:  5 Truths Ignored by 2 Liars

May 19

AM:  Cornelius: Acts 10

PM: The Truth in Samaria

May 26

AM: They Called them Christians

PM: Readings: Colossians 3 & 4

June 2

AM: Spiritual Warfare

PM: Satan’s Iniquities

June 9

AM: Christianity Called to Court

PM: Be of Good Cheer: There is More Work to Do

June 16

AM: The Father’s Friend (Audio Unavailable)

PM: Shipwreck

June 23

AM: Keeping Score -Wes Arabie

PM: Readings: Luke 1&2 -Wes Arabie

June 30

AM: Shall We Sin?

PM: Devotional & Readings: How Shall I Sing?

July 7

AM: Salute One Another

PM: Songs of the Church

July 14

AM: Remember Who You Are

PM: What’s the Matter with Scruples?

July 21

AM: Objections to Baptism Pt. 1 -Wes Arabie

PM: Objections to Baptism Pt. 2 -Wes Arabie

July 28

AM: Love One Another: Prescription for the Church

PM: Readings: Luke 3&4 (Audio Unavailable)

August 4

AM: Why So Sad?

PM: The Political Platform of Jesus (Audio Unavailable)

August 11

AM: Unequally Yoked

PM: Sacrifice of Praise

August 18

AM: Jesus, Remember Me -Roland Keith

PM: Unavailable

August 25

AM: Near & Away

PM: Readings: Luke 5&6 (Audio Unavailable)

September 1

AM: Parenting in the Pews Pt. 1

PM: Parenting in the Pews Pt. 2

September 8

AM: A Name Worth Having

PM: Pressing Toward the Mark

September 15

AM: The Purpose for Bible Class Pt. 1 -Wes Arabie

PM: The Purpose for Bible Class Pt. 2 -Wes Arabie

September 22

AM: Good Things Happen When You Study the Bible -Wes Arabie

PM: Readings: Luke 7&8 (Audio Unavailable)

September 29

AM: Give Us the Bible

PM: Knocking for Opportunities

October 6

AM: The Power of Scripture

PM: Be Not Ashamed

October 13

AM: India Missions -David Nance

PM: His Mercies are New Every Morning -Wes Arabie (Audio Unavailable)

October 20

AM: India Missions -Ronnie Gootam

PM: Overview of Hebrews

October 27

Bible Class: By Faith We Win -Gage Coldwater

AM: By Faith We Give Everything -Gage Coldwater

PM: Jesus: The Author of Our Faith -Gage Coldwater

November 3

AM: When Faith is Faithful

PM: What Comes Wherever You Go: James 1

November 10

AM: The Challenge to Overcome Mediocrity

PM: Keeping Living Hope Alive

November 17

AM: You Should Never Fall

PM: Did Jesus Preach to the Dead

November 24

AM: Lessons from David -Wes Arabie

PM: Readings (Audio Unavailable)

December 1

AM: You Can Know How to be Saved

PM: Truth

December 8

AM: Heart Exam of the Local Church

PM: (Audio Unavailable)

December 15

AM: The Lord’s Supper: A Special Occasion

PM: The Kingdoms Belong to God

December 22

AM: No Room for Jesus

PM: Readings (Audio Unavailable)

December 29

AM: Making Time for Eternity

PM: Devo/Singing (Audio Unavailable)